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Master PSE

Description of the Master Process Systems Engineering

The programme, which is offered in English, is of two years duration and intended for students from all countries having a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering or its equivalent. All lectures are given in English. The courses provide fundamental yet detailed, scientifically and practically challenging applied education, while additionally focusing on soft skills and languages. Above and beyond a sound engineering knowledge, the students will acquire a working knowledge of German and technical English and develop social skills through group projects and seminars.

Chair offers for Master Process Systems Engineering

Mandatory Courses Semester Credits Language
Modul: Introduction to Process Dynamics and Control
Process Dynamics WS 5 english
Modul: Modelling and Simulation
Dynamic Modells SS 2,5 english
Data-based Dynamic Modelling SS 2,5 english
Dynamic Simulation SS 1,5 english
Modul: Process Performance Optimization
Prozess Performance Optimization WS 5 english
Modul: PSE Lab
PSE Praktikum WS/SS 3 english

Nach dem Modulhandbuch sind folgende Vertiefungen (Wahlpflichmodule) für das Masterstudium Process Systems Engineering vorgesehen:

Elective Courses Semester Credits Language
Modul: Computer Aided Process Engineering
Logistics of Chemical Production Processes SS 3 english
Modul: Process Automation and Process Management
Batch Process Operation WS 4 english
Logic Control SS 6 english
Logistics of Chemical Production Processes SS 3 english
Sicheres und optimiertes Betreiben von Anlagen in der Chemie- und Pharmaindustrie SS 1,5 german
Modul: Process Control
Controller Design Fundamentals SS 2,5 english
Single-Loop and Multi-Loop Controller Design SS 2,5 english
Advanced Process Control WS 5 english

Studierende, welche sich für andere Vertiefungen (Wahlpflichtmodule) interessieren, können auch an den weiteren Vertiefungsveranstaltungen teilnehmen. Bitte beachten Sie aber die Teilnahmevorraussetzungen einzelner Veranstaltungen!

State: 04.04.2011, Modulehandbook 30.03.2011

Experience of Graduates


Arvind Devanathan from India

Master Program in Chemical Engineering (Process Systems Engineering)

I would like to introduce myself as Arvind Devanathan from India. It's a great opportunity for former students like me to share my views about our department. I completed my Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and so would like to talk specifically from that perspective.

I would like to start from the first semester of my master program. As a student from India, I saw a big difference in the style of teaching and also the way technical concepts were handled. I liked the idea of Professors dealing with theoretical concepts and assistants given the responsibility of exemplifying them. It gives students a better understanding of the need for certain theories and how they work, or at least I see it this way.