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Prozessdynamik und Regelung/ introduction-process-dynamics

Winter semester 2021/22



The lecture will be held live and in presence, but a zoom meeting / live recording will be offered. The tutorials will be live and in presence. So the students can decide if they want to attend in person or digitally.


 Welcome to the PuR + IPD Course for this semester! Please read the following remarks, carefully:

  •  Self-enrollment for the Moodle room “DYN PuR/IPD 2020/2021“ is possible.
  • The rooms/dates for the tutorials are:
    • Wed, 12h-14h, English, HS ZE 01
    • Wed, 14h-16h, German, HS ZE 02
  • Further information will follow on moodle.


 Theoretical model building – general procedure
 Models – systems – signals
 Modeling of reactors
 Steady states of dynamic systems
 Numerical simulation
 Transfer functions of linear systems
 Introduction to control theory
 Realization of automation


E-Learning platform Moodle

All related content and updated announcements are managed in the e-learning platform MOODLE PuR and IPD


Midterm (ONLY for PSE !!!)

 Date: TBA


Final Exam (for ALL !!!)

Time: TBA

Room: TBA

The distribution of the students on the rooms will be given a week prior to the exam.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Engell,


Tuesdays, 10:00-12:00





Tutorial Leaders

M.Sc. Christian Klanke

M.Sc. Jens Ehlhardt

M.Sc. Stefanie Kaiser

M.Sc. Benjamin Karg

M.Sc. Heinlein

M.Sc. Bleidorn

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Engell
Tel.: 0231 755-5126
M.Sc. Stefanie Kaiser
Tel.: 0231 755-5165
M.Sc. Christian Klanke
Tel.: 0231 755-5809
M.Sc. Jens Ehlhardt
Tel.: 0231 755-5124