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Project Seminars

Automation and Robotics - Project Seminars - WS 2017/18

DYN Project Seminars

Group 1:

  • Title: Development of a Neural Network Based NonlinearModel Predictive Control with Application to DYN10 Case Study
  • Supervision: Corina Nentwich, Taher Ebrahim, Reinaldo Hernandez
  • Number of students: 6

Group 2:

  • Title: Using the blockchain for distributed optimization
  • Supervision: Lukas Maxeiner, Simon Wenzel
  • Number of students: 6

Group 3:

  • Title: Development of a Simulation Platform for Complex Automata Systems with Application to the DYN11 Pipeless Plant
  • Supervision: Marina Rantanen-Modeer, Shaghayegh Nazari, Alexandru Tatulea-Codrean
  • Number of students: 6

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