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Dr.-Ing. Sankaranarayanan Subramanian

Dr.-Ing. Sankaranarayanan Subramanian Photo of Dr.-Ing. Sankaranarayanan Subramanian

(+49)231 755-3959

(+49)231 755-5129


Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen
Lehrstuhl für Systemdynamik und Prozessführung
Geschossbau 2

Room 332


Short CV

Sankaranarayanan Subramanian studied  Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at NIT Calicut from the year 2002 to 2006 in India. Then he finished M.Sc. in Automation and Robotics at TU Dortmund, 2012.  He has a work experience of 4 years in the Automation Industry. Since April 2013, he worked as a research associate in the Process Dynamics and Operations Group at the TU Dortmund. His research mainly focuses on Output Feedback Robust NMPC, its applicability and its stability properties. His other interests include nonlinear dynamics and chaos. On October 27, 2020, he finished the procedures of his doctoral degree with the oral examination at TU Dortmund, and obtained the Dr.-Ing. degree for his dissertation, entitled "Tube-enhanced Multi-stage Model Predictive Control: Robust State and Output Feedback Control", supervised by Prof. Sebastian Engell. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the DYN group.

Consultation Hour

By arrangement via E-mail.


  • Robust Output feedback MPC
  • State and parameter estimation of nonlinear systems
  • Stability properties of controlled linear and nonlinear systems





SS 2017:

        Übung:  Control Theory and applications

SS 2016

        Übung:  Process Optimization

WS 2015/16

        Übung: Batch Process operations

        Group Project: Automatic Integration of Modelica Models with Generalized EKF Module for the DO-MPC Control Platform

SS 2015

        Übung:  Process Optimization

WS 2014/15

        Übung: Batch Process operations

        Group Project: Revamp of the Controller for a Pipeless Plant

SS 2014

        Übung:  Logic Control / Steuerungstechnik

        Übung:  Process Optimization

WS 2013/14

        Übung: Control Theory and Applications

        Group Project: A Co-Simulation Interface for CoDeSys and Modelica

SS 2013

        Übung: Logic Control / Steuerungstechnik

Supervised Theses

Master thesis

  • Huan Fui Lee – Adaptive grey box modeling for the application in Advanced Process Control
  • Seyed Ali Baradaran Birjandi – Multi-stage and tube-based Model Predictive Control: Investigation and Comparison
  • Gleb Savateev- Design of NMPC for temperature stabilization of a parabolic trough solar-thermal power plant
  • Lusan Maharjan – Approximation of scenario tree and the influence of probabilities on the performance of Multi-stage NMPC
  • Hedyeh Jafari- Moving Horizon state estimation of a continuous polymerization reactor
  • Muhammad Arslan Sajid Alvi – Robust Control of mobile robots for pipeless plant using NMPC
  • Afaq Ahmad – Dual and Adaptive Control in the framework of output feedback Multi-stage NMPC
  • Adeel Ahmad – Robust Multi-stage NMPC for Hybrid Systems
  • Shehabeldin Abdelgawad – Low-cost Outdoor Robot Navigation in Unstructured Environments
  • Taher Ebrahim – Optimization of Chemical Processes Based on Resource Efficiency Indicators
  • Momin Arshad – State estimation of a Reactive Distillation Column with multi-rate sampling


proceedingsThangavel, Subramanian, Paulen, Engell

Robust Multi-stage NMPC under Structural Plant-model Mismatch Without Full-State Measurements


in proceedingsThangavel, Subramanian, Paulen, Engell

Robust multi-stage nmpc under structural plant-model mismatch without full-state measurements


proceedingsThangavel, Subramanian, Engell

Robust NMPC using a model-error model with additive bounds to handle structural plant-model mismatch


in proceedingsThangavel, Subramanian, Engell

Robust NMPC using a model-error model with additive bounds to handle strucutural plant-model mismatch


in proceedingsSubramanian, Aboelnour, Engell

Robust tube-enhanced multi-stage output feedback MPC for linear systems with additive and parametric uncertainties

ECC 2019, art. no. 8795680, pp. 331-336, 2019

proceedingsSubramanian, Lucia, Baradaran, Seayed, Paulen, Engell

A Combined Multi-stage and Tube-based MPC Scheme for Constrained Linear Systems

6th Conference on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control, 51, 2018

proceedingsSubramanian, Lucia, Engell

A Synergistic Approach to Robust Output Feedback Control: Tubebased Multi-stage NMPC

10th IFAC Symposium of Chemical Processes, 51, 2018

in proceedingsHaßkerl, Lindscheid, Subramanian, Markert, Górak, Engell

Application of Economics Optimizing Control to a Two-step Transesterification Reaction in a Pilot-Scale Distillation Column


articleHaßkerl, Lindscheid, Subramanian, Markert, Gorák, Engell

Dynamic Performance Optimization of a Pilot-Scale Reactive Distillation Process by Economics Optimizing Control

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 57, 12165-12181, 2018

articleHaßkerl, Lindscheid, Subramanian, Diewald, Tatulea-Codrean, Engell

Economics optimizing control of a multi-product reactive distillation process under model uncertainty

Computers and Chemical Engineering, 118, 25-48, 2018

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