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M.Sc. Egidio Leo

M.Sc. Egidio Leo Photo of M.Sc. Egidio Leo

(+49)231 755-7379

(+49)231 755-5129


Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen
Lehrstuhl für Systemdynamik und Prozessführung
Geschossbau 2

Room 617


Short CV

Egidio Leo studied mechanical engineering at Politecnico di Milano. After working as a junior researcher at the National Italian Research Council, he joined the chair as a Marie Curie Early Stage Research Fellow in September 2016 to work in the PRONTO project.

Consultation Hour

By arrangement via mail.

Research Interests

  • Mixed Integer Linear/Nonlinear Programming
  • Decomposition techniques
  • Machine Learning




The new PRONTO project "PROcess NeTwork Optimization" is a EU-funded research project addressing the integration of information about equipment condition into all aspects of the process network operation, enabling decisions to be supported by the most up to date and relevant information. The project deals also with the development of data analytics to extract information from large, heterogeneous assemblies of data to determine machinery condition and process performance.


  • Lab: DYN3, DYN10
  • Tutorial: Process Performance Optimization (PPO)
  • No master/bachelor thesys

Supervised Theses


proceedingsLeo, Engell

A two-stage stochastic programming approach to integrated day-ahead electricity commitment and production scheduling

28th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering, Graz, 43, 2018

articleLeo, Engell

Integrated day-ahead energy procurement and production scheduling

at-Automatisierungstechnik, 66, 950-963, 2018

articleLeo, Engell

Multi-stage integradted electricity procurement and production scheduling

Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 44, 1291-1296, 2018

proceedingsLeo, Sebastian

Condition-based operational optimization of industrial combined heat and power plants under timesensitive electricity prices

27th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE 27), Barcelona, 40, 2017

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