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M.Sc. Reinaldo Hernández

M.Sc. Reinaldo Hernández Photo of M.Sc. Reinaldo Hernández

(+49)231 755-3959

(+49)231 755-5129


Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen
Lehrstuhl für Systemdynamik und Prozessführung
Geschossbau 2

Room 332


Short CV

Reinaldo Hernández studied Chemical Engineering at the Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela. In 2013, he earned his Master in Chemical Engineering with specialization in Process Systems Engineering (PSE) at TU Dortmund. He has work experience in the process industry, including refinery modeling and optimization.

Since January 2014, he is working as a research associate in the Chair of Process Dynamics and Operations, Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering at TU Dortmund.

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Consultation Hour

Wednesday 14:00-15:00 (or by arrangement)

Research Interests

  • First-principles/data-based Modeling
  • Model-based optimal control
  • Adaptative Strategies in RTO
  • State Estimators


InPROMPT SBP/Transregio 63 (Subproject C4)

Integrated Chemical Processes in Liquid Multiphase Systems


General Overview:

The Transregional Collaborative Research Center is involved in the development of efficient processes for complex chemical networks in liquid multiphase systems. Bottom-up approaches as well as a top-bottom solution are combined and implemented.

The project involves three different areas:

Project Area A: Chemical and Physical Properties: where the chemical-physical phenomena of different substrates are studied.

Project Area B: Process Technology: involves the design of new apparatuses as well as the design of new technologies for the reaction and separation of liquid/liquid multiphase systems.

Project Area C: System Engineering: focused in the design and operation of integrated multiphase processes.

Project C4 Process operation and control of the Miniplants

System EngineeringSystem Engineering

Within the framework of the subproject C4, the application of optimizing control in integrated multiphase systems is studied. The main difficulty lies in the lack of reliable models which can be able to describe the dynamic behavior of the plant. The application of model-based solutions in presence of complex equilibrium phenomena, uncertainties in kinetic parameters, slow entry into stationary state and catalyst degradation are the main challenges that are addressed in this subproject.


The applicability of robust Real-Time Optimization (RTO) schemes are studied. The aim is to develop a general methodology for the economic optimal operation of chemical process that cannot be described accurately by the models available. Additionally, the application of estimation techniques is considered, motivated by the fact that analytical measurements are only available after a long delay time.

Within the first funding period thermomorphic solvent systems (TMS) and micellar solvent system (MLS) were developed for the conversion of long chain olefin. The process concept was transferred from batch to continuous operation in two miniplants located at TU Dormtund (TMS) and TU Berlin (MLS). This project includes the validation of the algorithms developed in the miniplants, in close collaboration with the Chair of Technical Chemistry at TU Dortmund and the Chair of Process Dynamics and Operations at TU Berlin.

Goals of the project C4:

  • Reach and maintain a stable operation in the miniplants
  • Development of strategies for time optimized start-up
  • On-line optimization of the miniplants under economic criteria


SS 2014

Lab Experiment:

DYN2a: Liquid level control.

DYN11 Scheduling of a Pipeless Plant.


Process Optimization for A&R Students

WS 2014-2015

Lab Experiment:

DYN 3: Computer aided design of the temperature control of a laboratory reactor


Process Performance Optimization

Batch Process Operation

SS 2015

Lab Experiment:

DYN6a: Control with a Process Control System (salt solution)

DYN6b. Control with a Process Control System (color change)


Process Optimization for A&R Students

WS 2015-2016


Process Performance Optimization

Batch Process Operation

Supervised Theses

Master Thesis Shamim Fawad - A decomposition approach for the optimal operation of a sugar plant

Master Thesis Taher Sabry Ebrahim - Optimization of chemical processes based on resource efficiency indicators

Master Thesis Muhammad Kashif Sultan - Optimal Operation of a Continuous Process for the Hydroformylation of Long Chain Alkenes in a Micellar Solvent System

Master Thesis Rike Nagel- (In cooperation with the chair of Technical Chemistry). Implementation of a Real-Time Optimization Scheme in a Continuously Operated Miniplant with Thermomorphic Solvent System


articleHernandez, Dreimann,, Vorholt, Behr, Engell

Iterative Real-Time Optimization Scheme for Optimal Operation of Chemical Processes under Uncertainty: Proof of Concept in a Miniplant

Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 57, 8750-8770, 2018

proceedingsHernandez, Dreimann, Engell

Reliable Iterative RTO of a Continuously Operated Hydroformylation Process

10th IFAC Symposium of Chemical Processes, 51, 2018

in proceedingsHernandez, Buckova, Engell

An efficient RTO scheme for the optimal operation of chemical processes under uncertainty

IEEE, 364-369, 2017

proceedingsGao, Hernandez, Engell

Real-time optimization of a novel hydroformylation process by using transient measurements in modifier adaptation

2017 IFAC World Congress, 2017

in collectionHernandez, Engell

Stochastic Approximation in Online Steady State Optimization Under Noisy Measurements


in collection

A hierarchical coordination approach to the optimal operation of a sugar crystallization process


in collectionHernandez, Engell

Modelling and iterative Real-time Optimization of a homogeneously catalyzed hydroformylation process


in proceedingsEbrahim, Hernandez, Subramanian, Kalliski, Krämer, Engell

NCO-Tracking with Changing Set of Active Constraints using Multiple Solution Models

IFAC, 49, 79-84, 2016

in proceedingsHernandez, Simora, Paulen, de Prada, Engell

Optimal integrated operation of a sugar production plant

24th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering, 637-642, 2014

articleGao, Hernandez, Engell

A study of explorative moves during modifier adaptation with quadratic approximation

Processes, 4

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