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The current research of the dyn group addresses five areas in process systems engineering:

Process control methods and applications

  • Economics optimizing control
  • Robust model-based control
  • Iterative optimization using gradient modifiers
  • Control of polymerization processes
  • Control of chromatographic separations
  • Control of the miniplants in the DFG Transregio InPROMPT

Plant management

  • Market-like mechanisms for the coordination of coupled units
  • Real-time monitoring and optimization of resource efficiency
  • Simulation environment for the distributed management of systems of systems
  • Demand-side management

Production scheduling

  • Planning and scheduling under uncertainty
  • Timed automata based scheduling
  • Reactive scheduling

Control of biotechnological production processes

  • Modeling and control of yeat fermentations
  • Modeling and model-based optimization of CHO cultures

Process design

  • Model-based supportfor the early stages of process development
  • Algorithms for design problems with many local optima
  • Batch-to-conti transfer for copolymerizations