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proceedingsThangavel, Subramanian, Paulen, Engell

Robust Multi-stage NMPC under Structural Plant-model Mismatch Without Full-State Measurements


in proceedingsThangavel, Subramanian, Paulen, Engell

Robust multi-stage nmpc under structural plant-model mismatch without full-state measurements


proceedingsThangavel, Subramanian, Engell

Robust NMPC using a model-error model with additive bounds to handle structural plant-model mismatch


in proceedingsThangavel, Subramanian, Engell

Robust NMPC using a model-error model with additive bounds to handle strucutural plant-model mismatch


in proceedingsSubramanian, Aboelnour, Engell

Robust tube-enhanced multi-stage output feedback MPC for linear systems with additive and parametric uncertainties

ECC 2019, art. no. 8795680, pp. 331-336, 2019

proceedingsSubramanian, Lucia, Baradaran, Seayed, Paulen, Engell

A Combined Multi-stage and Tube-based MPC Scheme for Constrained Linear Systems

6th Conference on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control, 51, 2018

proceedingsSubramanian, Lucia, Engell

A Synergistic Approach to Robust Output Feedback Control: Tubebased Multi-stage NMPC

10th IFAC Symposium of Chemical Processes, 51, 2018

in proceedingsHaßkerl, Lindscheid, Subramanian, Markert, Górak, Engell

Application of Economics Optimizing Control to a Two-step Transesterification Reaction in a Pilot-Scale Distillation Column


articleHaßkerl, Lindscheid, Subramanian, Markert, Gorák, Engell

Dynamic Performance Optimization of a Pilot-Scale Reactive Distillation Process by Economics Optimizing Control

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 57, 12165-12181, 2018

articleHaßkerl, Lindscheid, Subramanian, Diewald, Tatulea-Codrean, Engell

Economics optimizing control of a multi-product reactive distillation process under model uncertainty

Computers and Chemical Engineering, 118, 25-48, 2018

in proceedingsSakthi, Subramanian, Sergio, Sebastian

Handling Structural Plant-model Mismatch using a Model-error Model in the Multi-stage NMPC framework


articleHaßkerl, Subramanian, Markert, Kaiser, Engell

Mutli-rate state estimation applied to a pilot-scale reactive distillation process

Chemical Engineering Science, 185, 256-281, 2018

in proceedingsSubramanian, Nazari, Alvi, Engell

Robust NMPC schemes for the Control of Mobile Robots in the Presence of Dynamic Obstacles

23rd International Conference on Methods and Models in Automation and Robotics, 2018, 6, 2018

in proceedingsSubramanian, Lucia, Engell

A novel tube-based output feedback MPC for constrained linear systems


in proceedingsSubramanian, Lucia, Engell

An Improved Output Feedback MPC scheme for Constrained Linear Systems


proceedingsThangavel, Subramanian, Engell


Foundations of Computer Aided Process Operations / Chemical Process Control 2017, 2017

in proceedingsHaßkerl, Subramanian, Hashemi, Arshad, Engell

State estimation using a multi-rate particle filter for a reactive distillation column described by a DAE model

Proc. IEEE The 25th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED), Valetta/Malta, 2017 , 876-881, 2017

in proceedingsEbrahim, Hernandez, Subramanian, Kalliski, Krämer, Engell

NCO-Tracking with Changing Set of Active Constraints using Multiple Solution Models

IFAC, 49, 79-84, 2016

in proceedingsSubramanian, Ahmad, Engell

Robust control of a supermarket refrigeration system using multi-stage NMPC


in proceedingsHaßkerl, Arshad, Hashemi, Subramanian, Engell

Simulation Study of the Particle Filter and the EKF for State Estimation of a Large-scale DAE-system with Multi-rate Sampling

IFAC DYCOPS-CAB, 49, 490-496, 2016

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