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in proceedingsJanus, Cegla, Barkmann, Engell

Optimization of a hydroformulation process in a thermomorphic solvent system using a commercial steady-state process simulator and a memetic algorithm


journalJanus, Foussette, Urselmann, Tlatlik, Gottschalk, Emmerich, Bäck, Engell

Optimierungsbasierte Prozesssynthese auf Basis eines kommerziellen Flowsheet Simulators


in proceedingsUrselmann, Janus, Foussette, Tlatlik, Gottschalk, Emmerich, Bäck, Engell

Derivative-Free Chemical Process Synthesis by Memetic Algorithms Coupled to Aspen Plus Process Models

European Symposium on Computer-Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE-26), 38, 187-192, 2016

in proceedingsUrselmann, Janus, Foussette, Tlatlik, Gottschalk, Emmerich, Engell

Designoptimierung thermischer Trennverfahren mit memetischen Algorithmen und Aspen Plus Prozessmodellen

Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgemeinschaft Fluiddynamik und Trenntechnik, 87, 1060, 2015

talkBäck, Urselmann, Janus, Foussette, Krause, Gottschalk, Tlatlik, Engell

Optimization of the Structure and the Operational Parameters of Chemical Processes by a Memetic Algorithm coupled to Aspen Plus Simulations

AspenTech Optimize 2015, 2015

in proceedingsUrselmann, Foussette, Janus, Tlatlik, Gottschalk, Emmerich, Engell, Bäck

Selection of a DFO Method for the Efficient Solution of Continuous Constrained Sub-Problems within a Memetic Algorithm for Chemical Process Synthesis

Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2016), 1029-1036, 2015

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