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in proceedingsGottu Mukkula, Engell

Guaranteed model adequacy for modi er adaptation with quadratic approximation.

Proceedings of 19th European Control Confer- ence (ECC), 1037-1042, 2020

articleAhmad, Gao, Engell

A study of model adaptation in iterative real-time optimization of processes with uncertainties

Computers & Chemical Engineering, 122, 218-227, 2019

articleWenzel, Misz, Rahimi-Adli, Beisheim, Gesthuisen, Engell

An optimization model for site-wide scheduling of coupled production plants with an application to the ammonia network of a petrochemical site

Optimization and Engineering, 20, 31, 2019

talkGottu Mukkula, Engell

Application of Iterative Real-time Optimization in an Intensified Continuous Plant at Pilot Plant Scale

In 2019 12th European Congress of Chemical Engineering., 2019

articleWenzel, Engell

Coordination of coupled systems of systems with quadratic approximation

IFAC-PapersOnLine, 52, 132-137, 2019

articleCameron, Engell, Georgakis, Aspiron, Bonvin, Gao, Gerogiorgis, Grossmann, Macchietto, Heinz Preisig; Brent Young

Education in Process Systems Engineering: Why it matters more than ever and how it can be structured

Computers & Chemical Engineering, 126, 102-112, 2019

articleBeisheim, Rahimi-Adli, Krämer, Engell

Energy performance analysis of continuous processes using surrogate models

Energy, 183, 776-787, 2019

in proceedingsTatulea-Codrean, Lindscheid, Farrera-Saldana, Engell

Extension of the do-mpc Development Framework to Real-time Simulation Studies


articleKern, Wander, Meyer, Guhl, Gottu Mukkula, Holtkamp, Salge, Fleischer, Weber, other authors

Flexible automation with compact NMR spectroscopy for continuous production of pharmaceuticals

Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 1-10, 2019

talkWenzel, Maxeiner, Engell

Gemeinsame Optimierung von Anlagenverbünden ohne Austausch sensitiver Informationen – geht das?

, 2019

proceedingsThangavel, Engell

Handling Plant-model Mismatch Using Multi-stage NMPC with Model-error Model


articleHadera, Ekström, Mäntysaari, Harjunkoski, Engell

Integration of production scheduling and energy-cost optimization using Mean Value Cross Decomposition

Computers & Chemical Engineering, 129, 2019

in proceedingsAhmad, Gottu Mukkula, Engell

Model Adaptation with Quadratic Approximation in Iterative Real-Time Optimization

Proceedings of 22nd International Conference on Process Control (PC19), 250-255, 2019

articleGottu Mukkula, Paulen

Optimal experiment design in nonlinear parameter estimation with exact confidence regions

Journal of Process Control, 2019

in proceedingsWenzel, Misz, Rahimi-Adli, Beisheim, Engell

ECCE12 - The 12th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, 2019

in proceedingsJanus, Cegla, Barkmann, Engell

Optimization of a hydroformulation process in a thermomorphic solvent system using a commercial steady-state process simulator and a memetic algorithm


miscKlanke, Maxeiner, Engell

Price-based Coordination Of Shared Resources With External Suppliers


proceedingsThangavel, Subramanian, Paulen, Engell

Robust Multi-stage NMPC under Structural Plant-model Mismatch Without Full-State Measurements


proceedingsThangavel, Subramanian, Engell

Robust NMPC using a model-error model with additive bounds to handle structural plant-model mismatch


in proceedingsGottu Mukkula, Ahmad, Engell

Start-up and shut-down conditions for iterative realtime optimization methods.

Proceedings of 6th Indian Control Conference (ICC), 158-163, 2019

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