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articleTaskinen, Steimel, Gräfe, Engell, Frey

A Competency Model for Process Dynamics and Control and Its Use for Test Construction at University Level

Peabody Journal of Education, 90, 477-490, 2015

in proceedingsKampert , Nazari, Sonntag, Epple, Engell

A Framework for Simulation, Optimization and Information Management of Physically-Coupled Systems of Systems


articleHadera, Wide, Harjunkoski, Mäntysaari,, Ekström, G., Engell

A Mean Value Cross Decomposition Strategy for Demand-side Management of a Pulping Process

Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 37, 1931-1936, 2015

articleUrselmann, Engell

A Memetic Algorithm for the Efficient Optimization of Chemical Process Synthesis Problems with Structural Restrictions

, 72, 2015

in proceedingsNazari, Sonntag, Engell

A Modelica-based Modeling and Simulation Framework for Large-scale Cyber-physical Systems of Systems


articleNazari, Sonntag, Stojanovski, Engell

A Modelling, Simulation, and Validation Framework for the Distributed Management of Large-scale Processing Systems

Computer Aided Chemical Engineering , 37, 269-274, 2015

in proceedingsSubramanian, Lucia, Engell

Adaptive Multi-stage Output Feedback NMPC using the Extended Kalman Filter for time varying uncertainties applied to a CSTR


in proceedings

An Efficient Distributed Algorithm for Multi-Stage Robust Nonlinear Predictive Control


articleGoerke, Engell

Analysis of the transfer of radical co-polymerization systems from semi-batch to continuous plants

Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 37, 227-232, 2015

in proceedingsGoldschmidt, Murugaiah , Sonntag , Schlich, Biallas, Weber

Cloud-Based Control: A Multi-Tenant, Horizontally Scalable Soft-PLC

IEEE, 909 - 916, 2015

articleSteimel, Engell

Conceptual design and optimization of chemical processes under uncertainty by two-stage programming

Computers and Chemical Engineering, 81, 200-217, 2015

in proceedingsEngell, Paulen, Reniers, Thompson, Sonntag

Core Research and Innovation Areas in Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems: Initial Findings of the CPSoS project.


talkNentwich, Steimel, Engell

Datenbasierte Modelle zur Prozesssimulation und Optimierung von Verfahren in der frühen Entwicklungsphase

PAAT, 2015

in proceedingsPaulen, Engell

Design of Guaranteed Extended Kalman Filter Using Set Inversion Techniques

Vietnam Acdemy of Science and Technology, 2015

articleUrselmann, Engell

Design of memetic algorithms for the efficient optimization of chemical process synthesis problems with structural restrictions

Computers and Chemical Engineering, 72, 87-108, 2015

in proceedingsUrselmann, Janus, Foussette, Tlatlik, Gottschalk, Emmerich, Engell

Designoptimierung thermischer Trennverfahren mit memetischen Algorithmen und Aspen Plus Prozessmodellen

Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgemeinschaft Fluiddynamik und Trenntechnik, 87, 1060, 2015


Economically optimal batch diafiltration via analytical multi-objective optimal control

Journal of Process Control, 2015

in proceedingsSubramanian, Lucia, Engell

EconomicMulti-stage Output Feedback NMPC using the Unscented Kalman Filter


talkWenzel, Gao, Engell

Ein neues Verfahren zur iterativen Betriebspunktoptimierung

Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgemeinschaft "Prozess-, Apparate- und Anlagentechnik", 2015

digital journalWenzel, Gao, Engell

Handling Disturbances in Modifier Adaptation with Quadratic Approximation


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