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in proceedingsUrselmann, Engell

Optimization-based design of reactive distillation columns using a memetic algorithm

20th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering - ESCAPE20, 28 (C), 1243-1248, 2010

articleTometzki, Engell

Risk Conscious Solution of Planning Problems under Uncertainty by Hybrid Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms

Computers and Chemical Engineering, 35, 2521-2539, 2010

in proceedingsTometzki, Engell

Risk Management in Production Planning under Uncertainty by Multi-objective Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms


in proceedingsSubbiah, Engell

Short-Term Scheduling of Multi-Product Batch Plants with Sequence-Dependent Changeovers Using Timed Automata Models

European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE 20), 1201-1206, 2010

in proceedingsBehrens, Yu, Engell

Simulation and optimizing control of continuous annular electro- chromatography (CAEC)

SPICA, ID 2098, 2010

articleFrimat, Sisnaiske, Subbiah, Menne, Godoy, Lampen, Leist, Franzke, G. Hengstler

The Network Formation Assay: A Spatially Standardized Neurite Outgrowth Analystical Display for Neurotoxicity Screening

Lab On Chip, 701-709, 2010

in proceedingsPaulen, Fikar, Foley, Kovacs, Czermak

Time-Optimal Diafiltration Process: Dynamic Optimization Approach

VOCAL 2010, 91-92, 2010

in proceedingsSonntag, Fischer

Translating Sequential Function Charts to the Compositional Interchange Format for Hybrid Systems


in proceedingsShah, Engell

Tuning MPC for Desired Closed-Loop Performance for SISO Systems

18th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, Marrakech, Morocco, 628-633, 2010

in proceedingsHüfner, Sonntag

Werkzeugkopplung durch den algorithmischen Austausch hybrider dynamischer Modelle

VDI Wissensforum, Automation 2010, 2092, 2010

in proceedingsFischer, Engell

Werkzeugunterstützung für den Entwurf von Ablaufsteuerungen auf Basis informeller Spezifikationen

Entwurf komplexer Automatisierungssysteme (EKA), 55-64, 2010

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