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in proceedingsEngell, Heckenthaler

Fuzzy control - an Alternative to Model-Based Control?

Invited Lecture, NATO Advanced Study Institute on Methods of Model-Based Process Control, 194-205, 1994

in proceedingsHeckenthaler, Engell

Integration von analytischem Vorgehen und Heuristik zum Entwurf schneller robuster Mehrgrößenregelungen mit Hilfe eines Fuzzy-Reglers


in proceedingsKowalewski, Gesthuisen, Roßmann

Modelbased verification of batch process control software


in proceedingsDraeger

Nonlinear model predictive control using neural net plant models

NATO Advanced Study Institute on Methods of Model-Based Process Control, 194-205, 1994

in proceedingsEngell, Klatt

Gain-scheduling control of a non-minimum-phase CSTR

2nd European Control Conference, 2323-2328, 1993

articleEngell, Moser

Leittechnik für die flexible Produktion

TECHNICA, 12-15, 1991

in proceedingsEngell, Oukhai

Model matching under hard constraints - a case study


in proceedingsEngell, Wöllhaf

Modellierung eines Industrieroboters mit GetriebeelastizitätenModellierung eines Industrieroboters mit Getriebeelastizitäten

, 331-350, 1990

in proceedingsEngell

A Decentralized On-Line Scheduling Strategy for FMS

IFAC, 541-547, 1989

in proceedingsEngell, Kerker

Controller Design by Approximation of Ideal Compensators - A Comparison of Computational Methods

ACC, 1899-1900, 1989

in proceedingsEngell

Modelling and On-Line Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing Systems

IFAC, 1989

in proceedingsEngell

Predictive Control of Flexible Manufactoring Systems

IEEE, 54-59, 1989

in proceedingsEngell

Compensator Design by Frequency-Weighted Approximation

IEE International Conference CONTROL, 253-258, 1988

in collectionEngell, Kleiner

Robust robot control - a frequency domain approach


in proceedingsEngell

10th World Congress on Automatic Control

IFAC, 1987

in proceedingsEngell, Konik

10th World Congress on Automatic Control

IFAC, 9, 86-91, 1987

in proceedingsEngell

American Control Conference

ACC, 1945-1950, 1987


New Results on the Real-Time Transmission Problem

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 33, 210-218, 1987

articleEngell, Konik

Decoupling Techniques for Decentralized Control Systems Design

Frequency Domain and State Space Methods for Linear Systems, 461-476, 1986

in proceedingsEngell

Round Table Session 1: The Future of Control Theory for Complex Systems

IFAC, 1986

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