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journalWenzel, Paulen, Stojanovski, Krämer, Beisheim, Engell

Optimal resource allocation in industrial complexes by distributed optimization and dynamic pricing


in collection

A hierarchical coordination approach to the optimal operation of a sugar crystallization process


articleGao, Wenzel, Engell

A reliable modifier-adaptation strategy for real-time optimization

Computers & Chemical Engineering, 91, 318-328, 2016

in proceedingsLindscheid, Bremer, Haßkerl, Tatulea-Codrean, Engell

A Test Environment to Evaluate the Integration of Operators in Nonlinear Model-Predictive Control of Chemical Processes

2nd IFAC Conference on Cyber-Physical & Human Systems, 129-134, 2016

articleHadera, Labrik, Engell, Harjunkoski

An Improved Energy-awareness Formulation for General Precedence Continuous-time Scheduling Models

Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 55, 1336-1346, 2016

in proceedingsGoerke, Engell

Application of evolutionary algorithms in guaranteed parameter estimation

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, 5100-5105, 2016

in proceedingsHaßkerl, Markert, Engell

Application of Model-based Experimental Design for the Calibration of Online Composition Measurement by Near-infrared Spectroscopy

IEEE The 24th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, 967-972, 2016

in proceedingsNentwich, Engell

Application of surrogate models for the optimization and design of chemical processes

IEEE World Congress of Computational Intelligence, Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 1291-1296, 2016

in proceedingsWegerhoff, Engell

Controloftheproductionof Saccharomycescerevisiae onthebasisofa reducedmetabolicmodel


in proceedingsAckerschott, Beisheim, Engell

Decision support for optimised cooling tower operation using weather forecasts


in proceedingsUrselmann, Janus, Foussette, Tlatlik, Gottschalk, Emmerich, Bäck, Engell

Derivative-Free Chemical Process Synthesis by Memetic Algorithms Coupled to Aspen Plus Process Models

European Symposium on Computer-Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE-26), 38, 187-192, 2016

proceedingsHebing, Neymann, Thüte, Jockwer, Engell

Effcient Generation of Models of Fed-Batch Fermentations for Process Design and Control

IFAC, 2016

proceedingsHashemi, Engell

Effect of Sampling Rate on the Divergence of the Extended Kalman Filter for a Continuous Polymerization Reactor in Comparison with Particle Filtering

IFAC Symposium on Dynamics and Control of Process Systems (DYCOPS), 49, 2016

talkNentwich, Steimel, Engell

Entwicklung und Optimierung chemischer Prozesse unter Verwendung von datenbasierten Modellen

ProcessNet Jahrestagung, 2016

in proceedingsAckerschott, Beisheim, Krämer, Engell

Industrial Application of Multi-criterial Decision Support to improve the Resource Efficiency

IFAC , 49-32, 2016

in collectionHadera, Labrik, Mäntysaari, Sand, Harjunkoski, Engell

Integration of Energy-cost Optimization and Production Scheduling Using Multiparametric Programming


talkGottu Mukkula, Paulen

Model-based design of optimal experiments for guaranteed parameter estimation of nonlinear dynamic systems

17th International Symposium on Scientific Computing, Computer Arithmetics and Verified Numerics (SCAN), 2016

in collectionHernandez, Engell

Modelling and iterative Real-time Optimization of a homogeneously catalyzed hydroformylation process


articleKohlmann, Chevrel, Hoppe, Meimaroglou, Chapron, Bourson, Schwede, Loth, Engell, Durand, Falk, Ferlin, Wilson, Stammer

Modular, Flexible, and Continuous Plant for Radical Polymerization in Aqueous Solution

Macromolecular Reaction Engineer, Special Issue: Batch to Conti Transfer of Polymer Production Processes, 10, 339-353, 2016

talkAckerschott, Engell

Multi-kriterielle Optimierung zur Verbesserung der Ressourceneffizienz

ProcessNet-Jahrestagung, 2016

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