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in proceedingsSubramanian, Lucia, Engell

Handling Structural Plant-model Mismatch via Multi-stage Nonlinear Model Predictive Control


articleMarti, Lucia, Sarabia, Paulen, Engell, de Prada

Improving scenario decomposition algorithms for robust nonlinear model predictive control

Computers & Chemical Engineering, 79, 30-45, 2015

in proceedingsGao, Wenzel, Engell

Integration of gradient adaptation and quadratic approximation in real-time optimization

34th Chinese Control Conference, 2780 - 2785, 2015

in proceedings

Modelling and Optimal Control of Membrane Process with Partial Recirculation


in proceedings

Multi-Objective Optimization of Batch Dialfiltration Processes in the Presence of Membrane Fouling


talkKalliski, Beisheim

Nutzung von Echtzeit Ressourceneffizienzindikatoren zur nachhaltigen Anlagenfahrweise

NAMUR Hauptsitzung 2015, 2015

in proceedingsPaulen

On the Design of a Guaranteed Extended Kalman Filter using Set Inversion Techniques

IEEE, 5014-5019 2015

in proceedingsGoerke, Engell

Opportunities and limitations in the transfer of copolymerization processes from semi-batch to continuous mode

ESCR 2015 - European Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering, 2015

articleSchoppmeyer, Sonntag, Gajjala

Optimal Management of Shuttle Robots in a Laboratory Automation System of a Cement Plant

Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 37, 1895-1900, 2015

articleHadera, Harjunkoski, Sand, Grossmann, Engell

Optimization of steel production scheduling with complex time-sensitive electricity cost

Computers and Chemical Engineering, 76, 117-136, 2015

talkBäck, Urselmann, Janus, Foussette, Krause, Gottschalk, Tlatlik, Engell

Optimization of the Structure and the Operational Parameters of Chemical Processes by a Memetic Algorithm coupled to Aspen Plus Simulations

AspenTech Optimize 2015, 2015

in proceedingshashemi, Schilling, Engell

Optimizing Control of a Tubular Polymerization Reactor: Comparison of Single Shooting and Full Discretization

IFAC - ADCHEM, 557 - 562, 2015

in proceedingsLucia, Engell

Potential and Limitations of Multi-stage Nonlinear Model Predictive Control

9th International Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Processes, 2015

in proceedings

Real-time Resource Efficiency Indicators for Monitoring and Optimization of Batch-Processing Plants

European Congress of Chemical Engineering (ECCE), 2015

in proceedingsStojanovski, Maxeiner, Krämer, Engell

Real-time Shared Resource Allocation by Price Coordination in an Integrated Petrochemical Site


articleKalliski, KrahĂ©, Beisheim, Krämer, Engell

Resource efficiency indicators for real-time monitoring and optimization of integrated chemical production plants

Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 37, 1949-1954, 2015

in proceedingsSubramanian, Lucia, Paulen, Engell

Robust Output Feedback NMPC with Guaranteed Constraint Satisfaction


in proceedingsUrselmann, Foussette, Janus, Tlatlik, Gottschalk, Emmerich, Engell, Bäck

Selection of a DFO Method for the Efficient Solution of Continuous Constrained Sub-Problems within a Memetic Algorithm for Chemical Process Synthesis

Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2016), 1029-1036, 2015

in proceedingsChachuat, Houska, Paulen, Peric, Rajyaguru, Villanueva

Set-Theoretic Approaches in Analysis, Estimation and Control of Nonlinear Systems

ADCHEM 2015, 48, 981-995, 2015

talkSiwczyk, Engell

Solution of two-stage stochastic scheduling problems by stage decomposition and ordinal optimization

The 27th European Conference on Operational Research , 2015

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