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articleXu, Sand, Harjunkoski, Engell

A new heuristic for plant-wide schedule coordination problems: The intersection coordination heuristic

Computers and Chemical Engineering, 42, 152-167, 2012

in proceedingsLucia, Finkler, Basak, Engell

A new Robust NMPC Scheme and its Application to a Semi-batch Reactor Example

ADCHEM 2012: International Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Processes, Singapore, 69-74, 2012

proceedingsHosseini, Bouaswaig, Engel

A stochastic approach to improve the particle size distribution prediction of a classical emulsion polymerization model

Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 1018-1022, 2012

in proceedingsIdris, Engell

An investigation of Economics-Driven NMPC-Formulations for a Continuous Catalytic Distillation System

ADCHEM 2012, 8, 922-927, 2012

articleWonghong, Engell

Automatic controller tuning via unfalsified control

Journal of Process Control, 22, 2008 - 2025, 2012

articleFoley, Paulen, Fikar, Kovacs, Czernak

Comments on "Diafiltration under condition of quasi-constant membrane surface concentration"

Journal of Membrane Science, 390-391, 285-285, 2012

in proceedings

Comparative Study in Dynamic Optimization of Emulsion Polymerization Reactor

10th International Scientific - Technical Conference Process Control 2012, University of Perdubice, Kouty nad Desnou, Czech Republic, C013b-1 - C013b-11, 2012

articleHosseini, Bouaswaig, Engell

Comparison of classical population balance models of emulsion polymerization with experimental results and a stochastic extension

Chemical Engineering Science, 179-194, 2012

in proceedingsGholamzadeh Nabati, Engell

Data-driven Adaptive Robust Control of a CSTR

16th IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference, 946 - 949, 2012


Dynamic optimization of emulsion polymerization reactor


in proceedingsPaulen, Benyahia, Latifi, Fikar

Dynamic Simulation of Hybrid Differential Algebraic Systems Using GPROMS: Case Study in Emulsion Polymerization

10th International Scientific - Technical Conference Process Control 2012, University of Perdubice, Kouty nad Desnou, Czech Republic, C013a-1 - C013a-14, 2012

articleIdris, Engell

Economics-based NMPC strategies for the operation and control of a continuous catalytic distillation process

Journal of Process Control, 22, 2012

in proceedingsSchoppmeyer, Subbiah, Bendiganahalli-Deveerappa, Engell

Effective Batch Scheduling with Sequence-dependent Changeovers Using Reachability Analysis of Timed Automata Combined with Lower Bound Computations

IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing (INCOM-12), 75-80, 2012

in proceedingsUrselmann, Engell

Ein memetischer Algorithmus zur globalen Designoptimierung

22. Workshop "Computational Intelligence" des GMA-FA 5.14 "Computational Intelligence" und der GI-FG "Fuzzy-Systeme und Soft-Computing", 45, 229-243, 2012

in proceedingsHüfner, Sonntag

Formale Spezifikation und Validierung gleichungsbasierter Modellierungssprachen am Beispiel von gPROMS


in proceedingsIdris, Engell

Gain-scheduled State Estimation and Optimizing NMPC Applied to a Non-minimum Phase CSTR

IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control 2012, 482 - 487, 2012

in proceedingsKovacs, Paulen, Fikar, Foley, Czermak

How to tune up the performance of your UF/DF process

, 17-17, 2012

in proceedingsHüfner, Fischer, Sonntag, Engell

Integrated Model-Based Support for the Design of Complex Controlled Systems


in proceedingsXu, Sand, Harjunkoski, Engell

Koordination von komplexen Scheduling-Lösungen für verschiedene Produktionsanlagen

VDI AUTOMATION 2012 13. Branchentreff der Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik, 2171, 159-160, 2012

bookSchmidt-Traub, Kaspereit, Engell, Susanto, Epping, Jupke

Model-Based Design, Optimization, and Control (Book chapter)


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