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articleUrselmann, Barkmann, Sand, Engell

Optimization-based Design of Reactive Distillation Columns Using a Memetic Algorithm

Computers & Chemical Engineering, 35, 787-805, 2011

articlePaulen, Fikar, Kovacs, Czermak

Process optimization of diafiltration with time-dependent water adding for albumin production

Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification, 8, 815-821, 2011

in proceedingsIdris, Engell

Real-Time Optimizing Nonlinear Control Applied to a Continuous Reactive Distillation Process

IFAC World Congress, 4892-4897, 2011

in proceedingsWonghong, Engell

Real-time PI Controller Tuning Via Unfalsified Control

IEEE Multi-conference on Systems and Control Schedule, 29. September 2011, Denver, CO, USA, 1008 - 1013 2011

in proceedingsFinkler, Kawohl, Piechottka, Engell

Realisierung von Advanced Control in einem Polymerproduktionsprozess

Jahrestreffen der Fachgemeinschaft Prozess-, Apparate- und Anlagentechnik, 42, 2011

in proceedingsNeymann, Wegerhoff, Engell

Synchronization of Budding Yeast Cultures

18th IFAC World Congress, 8384-8392, 2011

talkSonntag, Fischer, Hüfner, Engell

Systematic Design and Integration of Logic Control Systems in Model-based CAPE Environments

8th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, 2011

in proceedingsFischer, Hüfner, Sonntag, Engell

Systematic Generation of Logic Controllers in a Model-based Multi-formalism Design Environment

18th IFAC World Congress, 12490-12495, 2011

articleTometzki, Engell

Systematic Initialization Techniques for Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving Two-Stage Stochastic Mixed-Integer Programs

Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 15, 196-214, 2011

in proceedingsPaulen, Fikar

Tighter Convex Relaxations for Global Optimization Using alphaBB Based Approach

, 537-542, 2011

in proceedingsPaulen, Fikar, Foley, Kovacs, Czermak

Time-optimal diafiltration under gel polarization conditions

ICOM 2011, 379-380, 2011

in proceedingsShah, Engell

Tuning MPC for Desired Closed-Loop Performance for MIMO Systems

American Control Conference, 4404-4409, 2011

book partCui

Two-stage stochastic mixed integer linear programming


articleFischer, Engell

Werkzeugunterstützung für den Entwurf von Ablaufsteuerungen auf Basis informeller Spezifikationen

at- Automatisierungstechnik, 59, 50-61, 2011

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