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in proceedingsUrselmann, Engell

A memetic algorithm for the design optimization of reactive distillation columns


in proceedingsTometzki, Neymann, Steimel, Subbiah, Engell

An efficient and user-friendly optimization framework for batch process scheduling

IFAC International Conference on Management and Control of Production and Logistics (MCPL), 2010

in proceedingsGholamzadeh Nabati, Engell

An Improved Adaptive Control Algorithm Based Upon Unfalsified Control

IFAC ALCOSP Workshop, 174-179, 2010

in proceedingsBouaswaig, Engell

An Inverse Problem Approach to Extract the Growth Kernel in Particulate Processes

9th International Symposium on Dynamics and Control of Process Systems (DYCOPS), 389-394, 2010

in collectionEngell, Handschin, Rehtanz, Schulz

Capacity planning and scheduling in electrical power systems and in chemical and metallurgical production plants


articleBouaswaig, Engell

Comparison of high resolution schemes for solving population balances

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 49, 5911-5924, 2010

in proceedingsXu, Sand, Engell

Coordination of Distributed Production Planning and Scheduling Systems

Management and Control of Production Logistics (MCPL 2010), 2010

in proceedingsTran, Engell

Design of State Observers for Discretely Controlled Continuous Systems

The UKACC International Conference on Control (CONTROL 2010), 1113-1118, 2010

in proceedingsUrselmann, Engell

Design optimization of reactive distillation columns by memetic algorithms

2nd Conference on Engineering Optimization, CD Paper-ID 1066, 2010

in proceedingsPaulen, Fikar, Latifi

Dynamic Optimization of a Hybrid System: Emulsion Polymerization Reaction


articlePaulen, Fikar, Latifi

Dynamic Optimization of a Hybrid System: Emulsion Polymerization Reaction

Journal of Cybernetics and Informatics, 10, 31-40, 2010

in proceedingsPaulen, Fikar, Latifi

Dynamic Optimization of a Polymerization Reactor

18th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, Marrakech, Marocco, 733-738, 2010

in proceedingsPaulen, Kovacs, Fikar, Czermak

Dynamic Optimization of Batch Membrane Filtration Processes

5th Membrane Science and Technology Conference of the Visegad Countries with Wider International Participation, 67-67, 2010

in proceedingsBehrens, Engell

Dynamische Simulation und Optimierung annularer Elektro-Chromatographie

ProcessNet, Paper Nr. 2322, 2010

articleEngell, Arkun

Editorial ADCHEM 2009 Special Issue

Journal of Process Control, 20, 967-968, 2010

articlePiana, Engell

Hybrid Evolutionary Optimization of the Operation of Pipeless Plants

Journal of Heuristics - Special Issue on Advances in Metaheuristics, 16, 311 - 336, 2010

articleCui, Engell

Medium-term Planning of a Multiproduct Batch Plant under Evolving Multi-period Multi-uncertainty by Means of a Moving Horizon Strategy

Computers and Chemical Engineering, 34, 598-619, 2010

in proceedingsNeymann, Wegerhoff, Engell

Modelling and Simulation of Budding Yeast Cultures

IFAC, 11th Computer applications in biotechnology, 461-466, 2010

in proceedingsNeymann, Engell

Modelling of the Aging Process in Budding Yeast Cell Culture Simulation (Poster)

7th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics, and Pharmaceutical Technology 2010, 2010

articleKüpper, Wirsching, Diehl, Schlöder, Bock, Engell

Online Identification of Adsorption Isotherms in SMB Processes via Efficient Moving Horizon State and Parameter Estimation

Computers & Chemical Engineering, 34, 1969-1983, 2010

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