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The Process Dynamics and Operations Group (DYN) is one of eleven groups at the Department of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering at the University of Dortmund. Founded in August 1990, the group now consists of around 20 researchers on regular contracts or scholarships and 6 technical assistants and secretaries. Prof. Dr. Sebastian Engell has been the head of the Process Dynamics and Operations Group since its beginning.

In teaching, the chair is responsible for the compulsory courses in System Analysis (dynamic modelling, simulation, and analysis of chemical processes), Measurement and Control, and Introduction to Computer Programming. As optional courses, the group offers lectures and tutorials in advanced control, as well as modelling, simulation and optimisation of dynamic systems.

In research, the Chair focusses on the following areas:

  • Process control
  • Discrete and hybrid systems
  • Process logistics
  • Process synthesis
  • Web-based learning of control engineering

Specific projects can be found in this webspace. The research is mostly funded externally, the largest contribution coming from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, the German research council.

On our webpages, you are welcome to take a closer look at our teaching (including proposals for intermediate and final student research projects), research activities and our staff. Find out about our serial lectures open to everyone, and how to find and visit us.

Overview of the group's activities and structure.

Another overview about the activities of the group and about the group itself is presented in the DYN brochure 2015.

DYN Staff