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Excursion to INEOS

The Bachelor project group, supervised by the DYN group in WS2019/20, presented their final results on 14.01.2020 at INEOS in Cologne.


Having successfully completed a group project titled “Projektierung einer Anlage zur gewinnbringenden Nutzung von Kohlenstoffdioxid aus den Rauchgasen eines Steamcrackers” (Design of a plant for the profitable utilisation of carbon dioxide from the flue gases of a steam cracker), supervised by Stefanie Kaiser and Stefanie Gerlich from the DYN group, the students visited their industrial partner INEOS in Cologne on January 14, 2020. To be more precise, the group was introduced to INEOS and visited their steam cracker. As a conclusion of the day and the group project, the students presented their results at the company followed by some interesting discussions.