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A&R group project presentation

On Monday, March 9th, a group of Automation and Robotics Master students successfully presented the results of their project work, carried out at the DYN chair.

During the winter semester 19-20 a group of MSc students from the Automation and Robotics program worked on their group project titled “Optimization and Scheduling of a Multi-robot Production Plant”. The group developed an optimal scheduling scheme for the operations of an experimental, pipe-less plant for chemical batch production under the supervision of Taher Ebrahim, Marina Rantanen Modeer and Egidio Leo. The project set out to optimize the plant operations carried out by a set of Automated Guided Vehicles transporting vessels between different production stations. The group successfully applied the Resource Task Network approach to create a schedule and further used a model-based approach for dynamic trajectory planning of the vehicles. The project was presented on Monday 9 March 2020 for the DYN group.