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Workshop on Advanced Process Automation


21.12.2017 – The workshop on advanced process control at TU Dortmund was organized by the DYN group and IWR Heidelberg. The presentations showed the recent results from the ERC Project MOBOCON and the SPIRE Project CONSENS.


Workshop on Advanced Process Automation - Registration open

Consens MOBOCON logos

06.11.2017 – On 21.12.2017 there will be a workshop on advanced process control at TU Dortmund, organized by the DYN group and IWR Heidelberg. The presentations will show the recent results from the ERC Project MOBOCON and the SPIRE Project CONSENS. The registration is now open.


DYN at the World Congress of Chemical Engineering


05.10.2017 – The DYN group was represented at the congress by Professor Engell, Afaq Ahmad, Benedikt Beisheim, Weihua Gao, Thilo Goerke, Reinaldo Hernandez, Marc Kalliski, Egidio Leo, Lukas Maxeiner, Corina Nentwich, Radoslav Paulen and Simon Wenzel.


MOBOCON - Release of the video documentary


03.10.2017 – The ERC Advanced Investigator Grant project MOBOCON will be finished in November successfully. To record the outcomes that were achieved in the laboratory and to motivate similar realizations for industrial processes, we have decided to release a short video-documentary.


DYN organized the Day of BCI (Tag des BCI)


29.09.2017 – The “Day of BCI” is a yearly event at the Department of biochemical and chemical engineering. This time, it has been organised by the Process Dynamics and Operations Group (DYN). For this occasion, several experts of both academia and industry have been invited to hold presentations. The overarching theme of the presentations was “Process Operation”.


Prof. Engell taught Advanced Control at the DAAD Summer School in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

DAAD Summer School 2017

04.08.2017 – From July 17 - to August 4, 2017, the 4th DAAD Summer School on Process and Energy Systems Engineering took place at the Federal University of Bahia in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.


DYN at Chinese Control Conference 2017


28.07.2017 – Dr. Weihua Gao participated at the 36th Chinese Control Conference in Dalian (China) from July 26 to 28.


Computers and Chemical Engineering Best Paper 2016


25.07.2017 – Weihua Gao, Simon Wenzel, and Sebastian Engell receive the Best Paper Award 2016 of the journal Computers and Chemical Engineering with their contribution from the field of Real-time Optimization under uncertainty.
How can a chemical plant be operated optimally despite the fact that the model does not match the reality exactly? This challenge can be addressed by algorithms that work nicely in theory and are proven to converge in an iterative procedure to the real optimum of a plant. Key to a successful application of these methods are precise measurements, which in reality however are affected by measurement noise and other disturbances. The authors worked on this problem and proposed a novel approach based on quadratic approximations that finds the real optimum. The work with the title “A reliable modifier adaptation strategy for real-time optimization” has recently been awarded with the Best Paper Award 2016 of the journal Computers and Chemical Engineering.


DYN at the IFAC 2017 World Congress in Toulouse, France


14.07.2017 – From July 9th until July 14th, 2017, seven members of the Process Dynamics and Operations Group (dyn) and the former PostDoc Radoslav Paulen attended the 20th IFAC World Congress in Toulouse, France.


DYN at INEOS Wissenszirkel in Cologne


07.06.2017 – On June 7th, 2017, Benedikt Beisheim (INEOS Köln GmbH) and Simon Wenzel (DYN) presented the results of the two European Projects MORE and DYMASOS together with Dr.-Ing. Stefan Krämer (INEOS Köln GmbH) and Prof. Engell in an internal seminar of INEOS (INEOS Wissenszirkel) at the INEOS site in Cologne.


Guests from Chulalongkorn University Bangkok


06.06.2017 – The DYN group welcomed Prof. Paisan Kittisupakorn and Prof. David Banjerdpongchai from the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand in Dortmund.


Prof. Engell spoke at Xiangshan science conference


01.06.2017 – Prof. Engell was invited to give a talk with title “Research challenges in cyber-physical systems of systems” at the Xiangshan Science Conference on ‘’Smart systems: Challenges and Perspectives’’ May 31 - June 01 2017 at Northeastern University in Shenyang, China.


Excursion to Evonik


02.03.2017 – As part of the PSE group work, the group supervised by the DYN chair visited our industrial partner Evonik in Wesseling on 02.03.2017.


Invitation to final workshop of the project MORE at DECHEMA


15.02.2017 – The FP7-funded research project MORE, where the DYN group is participating, is organising its Final Project Workshop “Real-time Monitoring and Optimization of Resource Efficiency – From Measurements to Optimal Operation” at DECHEMA, Frankfurt/Germany from February 15th to 16th, 2017.


Stefan Krämer on the success of the MORE project


10.01.2017 – Dr. Stefan Krämer gave an interview to European Commission on his view of the success of the EU-FP7 project MORE.


DYN at FOCAPO / CPC 2017


08.01.2017 – Professor Sebastian Engell and the research assistants Thomas Siwczyk and Simon Wenzel attended the FOCAPO / CPC 2017 (Foundations of Computer Aided Process Operations / Chemical Process Control, January 8-12, 2017) in the Loews Ventana Canyon Hotel and Resort, Tucson, Arizona.