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DYN at INEOS Wissenszirkel in Cologne

On June 7th, 2017, Benedikt Beisheim (INEOS Köln GmbH) and Simon Wenzel (DYN) presented the results of the two European Projects MORE and DYMASOS together with Dr.-Ing. Stefan Krämer (INEOS Köln GmbH) and Prof. Engell in an internal seminar of INEOS (INEOS Wissenszirkel) at the INEOS site in Cologne.


After the presentations, the attendees, engineers, technicians and managers from different INEOS plants, discussed the main results of the projects, the state of their implementation, and the benefits of industry-academia collaboration in long-term publicly funded projects. The cooperation between DYN and INEOS is continued in the current H2020 project CoPro on the coordination of production in large plants and sites, which is coordinated by Prof. Engell (spire2030.eu/copro).