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DYN at FOCAPO / CPC 2017

Professor Sebastian Engell and the research assistants Thomas Siwczyk and Simon Wenzel attended the FOCAPO / CPC 2017 (Foundations of Computer Aided Process Operations / Chemical Process Control, January 8-12, 2017) in the Loews Ventana Canyon Hotel and Resort, Tucson, Arizona.


Prof. Engell gave a talk in the CPC session "Distributed Control and Manufacturing and Risk Management" with the title "Handling Mixed Continuous-discrete Dynamics in Process Automation".

Furthermore, the chair presented the results of the following three papers in a poster session:

Sakthi Thangavel, Sankaranarayanan Subramanian and Sebastian Engell: Offset-free NMPC with Robust Constraint Satisfaction using Model-error Modeling

Simon Wenzel, Radoslav Paulen and Sebastian Engell: Quadratic Approximation in Price-based Coordination of Constrainted Systems-of-Systems

Thomas Siwczyk and Sebastian Engell: Sovling Two-stage Stochastic MILP Chemical Batch Scheduling Problems by Evolutionary Algorithms and Ordinal Ooptimization