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DYN at the World Congress of Chemical Engineering

The DYN group was represented at the congress by Professor Engell, Afaq Ahmad, Benedikt Beisheim, Weihua Gao, Thilo Goerke, Reinaldo Hernandez, Marc Kalliski, Egidio Leo, Lukas Maxeiner, Corina Nentwich, Radoslav Paulen and Simon Wenzel.


The World Congress of Chemical Engineering (WCCE10), which was a joined event with numerous conferences, took place 01.-05.10.2017 in Barcelona, Spain. The DYN group had contributions at the European Symposium on Computer-Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE-27) and the International Process Intensification Conference (IPIC1).

Best Paper Award

Part of this event was the Elsevier’s Award & Appreciation Reception in which the 2016 Computers & Chemical Engineering Best Paper Award was given to Weihua Gao, Simon Wenzel and Professor Sebastian Engell for the paper:

Gao, Weihua; Wenzel, Simon; Engell, Sebastian: A reliable modifier-adaptation strategy for real-time optimization, Computers & Chemical Engineering, Volume 91 (2016), Pages 318-328.

List of Contributions


  • A. Ahmad, W. Gao, S. Engell: Effective Model Adaptation in Iterative RTO (ESCAPE27)
  • B. Beisheim, S. Krämer, S. Engell: A Hierarchical Aggregation Concept for Resource Efficiency in Continuous Production Complexes (ESCAPE27)
  • F. Benski, C. Nentwich, S. Engell: Optimization-based early phase design of a homogeneously catalysed process in a thermomorphic solvent system (ESCAPE27)
  • T. Goerke, S. Engell: Batch–to–Conti Transfer of the Production of a Highly Viscous Copolymer System (IPIC1)
  • L. S. Maxeiner, S. Wenzel, S. Engell: Shared resource allocation in the process industries via price-based coordination for systems with discrete decisions (ESCAPE27)
  • M. Kalliski, B. Voglauer, G. Seyfriedsberger, C. Jasch, T. Röder, S. Engell: Resource efficient operation of an evaporator network in the viscose fiber production (ESCAPE27)
  • A. R. Gottu Mukkula, R. Paulen: Robust model-based design of experiments for guaranteed parameter estimation (ESCAPE27)


  • R. Hernandez, S. Engell: Stochastic Approximation in Online Steady State Optimization Under Noisy Measurements (ESCAPE27)
  • T. Keßler, N. Mertens, C. Kunde, C. Nentwich, D. Michaels, S. Engell, A. Kienle: Efficient global optimization of a novel hydroformylation process (ESCAPE27)
  • E. Leo, S. Engell: Condition-based operational optimization of industrial combined heat and power plants under time-sensitive electricity prices (ESCAPE27)
  • S. Wenzel, V. Yfantis, W. Gao: Comparison of regression data selection strategies for quadratic approximation in RTO (ESCAPE27)