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Chair of Process Dynamics and Operations


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Congratulations to Professor Ignacio E. Grossmann

Ignacio E. Grossmann as speaker at the colloquium at the occasion of 20th anniversary of DYN chair

The Chair of Process Dynamics and Operations would like to congratulate Professor Ignacio E. Grossmann on his 65th birthday wishing him many successes in the years to come. On this occasion, Elsevier journal Computers and Chemical Engineering published a special issue entitled "A Tribute to Ignacio E. Grossmann".

Professor Ignacio E. Grossmann, an academic son of Professor Roger Sargent from Imperial College, is a highly influential and leading researcher in process systems engineering. His research over the last forty years have had a unique influence and un-parallel impact in defining, shaping and substantially advancing process systems engineering to a key mainstream scientific engineering field of its own. Among many received awards and honors, Professor Grossmann became a Doctor in Engineering Honoris Causa at the TU Dortmund in 2012.

Joint Workshop of the European Projects CPSoS and DYMASOS

Two EU-funded FP7 projects DYMASOS “Dynamic management of physically coupled systems of systems” www.dymasos.eu and CPSoS “Towards a European Roadmap on Research and Innovation in Engineering and Management of Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems” www.cpsos.eu, both coordinated by Prof. Sebastian Engell, Head of the Process Dynamics and Control Group, held a joint public workshop in Zürich on Oct. 1, 2014. 29 European industrial and academic experts from the domains of process industries, smart grids, smart cities, automation, and systems engineering met at ETH Zürich to discuss the state of the art and future developments in the engineering and operation of physically connected cyber physical systems of systems. More information.


Promotionsstelle - Chemieingenieurwesen / Verfahrenstechnik (m/w)

Thema: Techno-ökonomische Bewertung unterschiedlicher Automatisierungsgrade für prozessintensivierte kontinuierliche Herstellverfahren

Im Rahmen des SPIRE Projektes CONSENS wird bei INVITE (INVITE GmbH, Leverkusen) eine Doktorarbeit ausgeschrieben, die sich u.a. um die Bearbeitung des Arbeitsfeldes „Impact Assessment, Exploitation“ kümmert. Mehr info.


DYN at MSC 2014


Prof. Sebastian Engell and research assistants Sankaranarayanan Subramanian and Alexandru Tatulea-Codrean represented the chair at the "Multiconference on Systems and Control" (MSC) 2014 in Nice/Antibes (France) from 8th to 10th October. With this occasion two papers were presented in the session Model Predictive Control: "Economic Multi-Stage Output Nonlinear Model Predictive Control" (Sankaranarayanan Subramanian, Sergio Lucia and Sebastian Engell) and "An Environment for the Efficient Testing and Implementation of Robust NMPC" (Sergio Lucia, Alexandru Tatulea-Codrean, Christian Schoppmeyer and Sebastian Engell).


DYN at the IFAC World Congress 2014 in Cape Town

ifac 2014 Prof. Sebastian Engell and the scientific assistants Reza Hashemi, Sergio Lucia, Radoslav Paulen and Roberto Lemoine participated in the IFAC World Congress 2014 from 24th to 29th of August in Cape Town. The presentations were about the topics “Optimizing Control and State Estimation in a Tubular Polymerization Reactor“ (R. Hashemi and S. Engell), “Robust Nonlinear Model Predictive Control with Reduction of Uncertainty Via Robust Optimal Experiment Design” (S. Lucia and R. Paulen), “Efficient Robust Economic Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of an Industrial Batch Reactor” (S. Lucia, E. Andersson, H. Brandt, A. Bouaswaig, M. Diehl and S. Engell), “Time-Optimal Diafiltration in the Presence of Membrane Fouling” (M. Jelemensky, R. Paulen, M. Fikar and Z. Kovacs) and “Individual Column State and Parameter Estimation in the Simulated Moving Bed Process: An Optimization-Based Method” (R. Lemoine-Nava and S. Engell).

DYN at FOCAPD 2014


The research assistant Jochen Steimel participated in the International Conference on Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Design which was held from 13th to 17th of July in Cle Elum, Washington, USA. During the conference, which is held every 5 years, he presented his contribution with the title „Conceptual Design and Optimisation of Chemical Processes under Uncertainty by Two-Stage Programming (J. Steimel and S. Engell)“.



Visit from the University of Valladolid

UVA Marti Bueno

Two students from the University of Valladolid visited the chair of process dynamics and operations.

Juan Bueno, an Erasmus exchange student, spent nine month from October 2013 to June 2014 within our group. During this time he worked on integration of different control modules of a pipeless plant. The pipeless plant was built by the chair in the scope of the MULTIFORM European project.

Rubén Martí, a PhD student, stayed at the group from April 2014 for three months. During this time he worked on the challenges of two-stage stochastic programming. His main focus was the illustration of different decomposition techniques (price-driven coordination and augmented Lagrangian method) to decompose the problem of two-stage stochastic programming into several deterministic problems.



Visit of Prof. Henning and Prof. Kawajiri

DSC01947 1

On 4th July 2014, the chairs of Plant and Process Design (Prof. Schembecker) and Process Dynamics and Operations (Prof. Engell) welcomed scientific visitors, Prof. Gabriela P. Henning (INTEC, Santa Fe, Argentina) and Dr. Yoshiaki Kawajiri (School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA). The morning program of the visit consisted of two seminars our guests gave related to the topics of their past and present research:

Constraint programming approaches to address predictive and reactive scheduling problems. Prof. Dr. Gabriela P. Henning

Modeling, design, and control for sustainable separation processes. Assistant Professor Dr. Yoshiaki Kawajiri

The afternoon program was devoted to the presentation of the research at the faculty BCI and to the discussions on future scientific collaboration.





Prof. Dr. Sebastian Engell and the research assistants Jochen Steimel and Reinaldo Hernández participated at the 24th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering, ESCAPE 24, (June 15-18) in Budapest Hungary.

The Chair contributed with two oral presentations:

Embedding of Time Automata-based Schedule Optimization into Recipe Driven Production. C, Schoppmeyer, S. Fischer, J. Steimel, V. Quang Do, N. Wang, S. Engell

Optimal Integrated Operation of a Sugar Production Plant. R. Hernández, L. Simora, R. Paulen, S. Wegerhoff, R. Mazaeda, C. de Prada, S. Engell


DYN at Campuslauf 2014

campuslauf mario

The members of our chair took part at the 30th Campuslauf 2014 organized traditionally at TU Dortmund. They competed in the category "Best dressed team" with an impersonation of characters from classical Super Mario video games. We are proud of the team "Super Mario DYN" and we are grateful to them for the representation of our chair.










Neues Vertiefungsangebot: „Sicheres und optimiertes Betreiben von Anlagen in der Chemie- und Pharmaindustrie“

VertiefungDr. Norbert Kuschnerus, langjähriger Vorstandsvorsitzender der NAMUR und Begründer der Operational Excellence, beleuchtet im Rahmen der Vorlesung die wichtigsten Aspekte des optimalen Betreibens einer Anlage bzw. eines Verbundes von Anlagen. Als Grundlage werden dazu Methoden des Strukturierens von Produktionsstätten behandelt, um im Anschluss anhand der Aspekte „Sicherheit", „Verfügbarkeit", „Effizienz" und, „Flexibilität" Methoden zur Steigerung der Performance einer bestehenden Produktionsstätte zu erläutern. Die Vorlesung richtet sich an Bachelor-Studierende des BIW und CIW.


Detailierte Informationen zur Veranstaltung gibt es hier.


DYN at DYCOPS 2013


Best Presentation AS 10 ID-69

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Engell and the research assistant Sven Wegerhoff participated at the 10th Symposium on Dynamics and Control of Process System (DYCOPS) from December, 18th to December, 20th in Mumbai, India. DYCOPS is intended to bring together scientist and engineers from academic and industry to focus attention on the role of process system engineering in addressing new challenges posed in different process engineering areas such as energy, environment and sustainability.

The chair was represented by two oral presentations

  • “Control of Particle Size Distribution in Emulsion Polymerization Using Mid-Course Correction under Structural Plant-Model Mismatch” (A. Hosseini, M. Oshaghi and S. Engell),
  • ”Simulation and Control of the Oxidation of Sulfur Dioxide in a Micro-Structured Reactor” (S. Wegerhoff and S. Engell),

and one poster

  • “Optimizing Control of a Continuous Polymerization Reactor” (R. Hashemi, D. Kohlmann and S. Engell).

The presentation "Control of Particle Size Distribution in Emulsion Polymerization Using Mid-Course Correction under Structural Plant-Model Mismatch” (A. Hosseini, M. Oshaghi and S. Engell) given by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Engell was honored with a Best Presentation Award.


Einladung zum Kolloquium: Umgang mit Unsicherheit

Mobocon logo flyer
dyn logo fyler
Einladung zum Kolloquium
Umgang mit Unsicherheit


ab 13 Uhr


Henrichshütte Hattingen



Unsicherheit im Sinne von unvollständigem Wissen und eingeschränkter Vorhersagbarkeit ist bei all unseren großen und kleinen Entscheidungen des Lebens präsent und muss auch beim Entwurf und beim Betrieb technischer Systeme berücksichtigt werden. Weder die Technik noch ihre Nutzer verhalten sich streng vorhersehbar. Methoden zum systematischen Umgang mit Unsicherheiten in technischen Systemen und die Reduktion von Unsicherheit über das Systemverhalten durch Simulation und Verifikation waren ein roter Faden durch die Forschungsarbeiten meines Lehrstuhls in den letzten 20 Jahren.

In diesem Kolloquium soll ein kleiner Einblick in Methoden zur Bewältigung von Unsicherheit in technischen und ansatzweise in natürlichen Systemen gegeben und der Bogen gespannt werden zum Umgang mit Unsicherheit in sozialen Systemen – von der menschlichen Komponente in Produktionsbetrieben bis zur sprachlichen Kommunikation. Ich hoffe, dass dies zu einer breiteren Sicht und neuen Ideen zum Umgang mit Unsicherheit führt – aber das ist natürlich mit großen Unsicherheiten behaftet, die durch die informellen Rückkopplungen im geselligen Teil reduziert werden wollen.

Sebastian Engell

 Weitere Informationen und das Anmeldeformular finden Sie hier.

Remembrance of Bonnie-Leigh Dreher


In remembrance of Bonnie-Leigh Dreher we are in a deep mourning. She was substitute secretary from 2012 to 2013 and lately a student assistant at the Chair of Process Dynamics and Operations. She died in the night before Christmas Eve, just before her 27th birthday. We will really miss her and her friendly and open character, her energy and her great talent as a graphic designer will be kept in good memory. Our condolence and sympathy remains with her relatives and friends.






Promotion Maren Urselmann

maren klein klein

Maren Urselmann (Mitte) nach der erfolgreichen mündlichen Prüfung mit Ihren Prüfern Prof. Walzel (l.), Prof.  Prof. Engell (2. v. l.), Prof. Emmerich (2. v. r.) und Prof. Górak (r.).

Maren Urselmann hat am 10.12.2013 ihre Promotion zum Dr.-Ing. erfolgreich abgeschlossen. Das Thema der Dissertation war Designoptimierung chemischer Prozesse mit memetischen Algorithmen am Beispiel einer reaktiven Rektifikationskolonne mit optionalem Außenreaktor.

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