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Chair of Process Dynamics and Operations


Hauptinhalt - Intranet

Excursion to SOLVAY



As part of the PSE group work, the group supervised by the DYN chair presented their results at our industrial partner SOLVAY in Paris. In the SOLVAY research and development center, the group discussed their work with the SOLVAY experts and gained an insight into polymer preparation and analysis. The topic of the group work was “Process Design of a Production Plant for Acrylamide/AMPS (2-Acrylamido-2-Methylpropanesulfonic acid) Copolymer”.


PhD Position Open under Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action PRONTO

PhD position in ‘energy-aware operation taking account of stress on equipment’ within the Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action PRONTO - PROcess NeTwork Optimization for efficient and sustainable operation of Europe’s process industries taking machinery condition and process performance into account. More information can be found here.


DYN at the Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgemeinschaft "Prozess-, Apparate- und Anlagentechnik"

combined PAAT2015 

Prof. Sebastian Engell and the research associates Corina Nentwich, Simon Wenzel, Alexandru Tatulea-Codrean and Jochen Steimel participated at the PAAT 2015 in Bruchsal, Germany from the 16th to 17th November, 2015. The chair contributed with three oral presentations and a poster.

C. Nentwich, J. Steimel, S. Engell. “Datenbasierte Modelle zur Prozesssimulation und Optimierung von Verfahren in der frühen Entwicklungsphase“

S. Wenzel, W. Gao, S. Engell. “Ein neues Verfahren zur iterativen Betriebspunktoptimierung“

J. Steimel, S. Engell. “Modellgestützte Bewertung von Prozessalternativen für integrierte Reaktions- und Separationsprozesse unter Unsicherheit“

A. Tatulea-Codrean, S. Lucia, S. Engell. “DO-MPC: A software platform for optimization, estimation and simulation of systems under uncertainty. Real plant application and test cases”


15 Open PhD Positions in Cyber-Physical Systems

15 PhD positions are available in the Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks and European Training Networks (ITN-ETN) programme oCPS - Platform-aware Model-driven Optimization of Cyber-Physical Systems, at the Chair of Process Dynamics and Operations, TU Dortmund and academic and industrial partners from the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Italy. More information can be found here.


Computers and Chemical Engineering 2014 Best Paper Award

cace award2014

Professor Engell received an award, as a member of the author team, for the best paper appearing in journal Computers & Chemical Engineering in 2014. The Editorial Advisory Board of Computers & Chemical Engineering has assessed the papers published in 2014 in a three-stage process of nomination, critical evaluation, and voting. The 2014 Best Paper of the Year Award goes to:

Iiro Harjunkoski, Christos T. Maravelias, Peter Bongers, Pedro M. Castro, Sebastian Engell, Ignacio E. Grossmann, John Hooker, Carlos Méndez, Guido Sand, John Wassick. "Scope for Industrial Applications of Production Scheduling Models and Solution Methods" Volume 62, 5 March 2014, Pages 161-193.

The paper is available for the free download.

DYN at the HCO Challenge Workshop


Weihua Gao, Roberto Lemoine and Radoslav Paulen participated at the HCO Challenge Workshop Parameter and State Estimation, Methods - Software - Applications in Heidelberg, Germany from 10th to 11th November 2015. The chair was present with following contributions:

Roberto Lemoine "Challenges in the Online Model Adaptation of the Simulated Moving Bed Process"

Radoslav Paulen "Optimal Design of Dynamic Experiments for Guaranteed Parameter Estimation"


DYN at the NAMUR-Hauptsitzung 2015

namur kalliski

Professor Sebastian Engell und the research associates, Marc Kalliski, Simon Wenzel and Fabian Schweers, participated at the NAMUR – Hauptsitzung, Interessengemeinschaft Automatisierungstechnik der Prozessindustrie e.V., 2015 in Bad Neuenahr, Germany from 5th to 6th November 2015. The chair was present with following lecture:

Marc Kalliski and Benedikt Beisheim. „Nutzung von Echtzeit Ressourceneffizienz-Indikatoren zur nachhaltigeren Anlagenfahrweise - Visualisierung, Operator Advisory und Decision Support“

DYN at the ECCE 2015

ecce 2015

Professor Sebastian Engell and the research associates, Marc Kalliski and Jochen Steimel, participated at the 10th European Congress of Chemical Engeineering in Nice, France from 27th September to 1st October 2015. The chair was present with two keynote lectures and two regular lectures.

Keynote lectures:

M. Urselmann, C. Foussette, T. Janus, S. Tlatlik, M.-T.-M. Emmerich, A. Gottschalk, T. Bäck, S. Engell. "Design optimization of chemical processes by a memetic algorithm coupled to a commercial flowsheet simulator"

M. Kalliski, D. Krahé, N. Melchert, S. Engell. "Real-time resource efficiency indicators for monitoring and optimization of batch-processing plants"

Regular lectures:

J. Steimel, A. Tebbe, S. Engell. "A framework for cost-driven Design of chemical processes in early phases of process development"

B. Beisheim, D. Krahé, S. Kraemer. "Optimized cooling tower operation based upon simple physical models"


VAA-Award for Sergio Lucia

 lucia vaa


Dr.-Ing. Sergio Lucia, former employee of the Chair of Process Dynamics an Operations, has received the VAA-Award for an "outstanding Dissertation in the fields of the chemical-pharmaceutical science, and process and chemical engineering". Dr. Lucia obtained the award for his Dissertation on the topic "Robust Multi-stage Nonlinear Model Predictive Control", which was carried out under the supervision of Prof. Sebastian Engell. Numerous guests from industry, science and politics attended the award ceremony, which took place on the 13rd of October 2015 at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences.


 Photo: Jens Gyarmati - VAA


DYN at Skopje-Dortmund Workshop on Control and Optimization

Skopje DYN 

A DYN team composed of 14 current members and former colleague PhD. Goran Stojanovski participated at the Skopje-Dortmund Workshop on Control and Optimization, between 13-15 October 2015 in Skopje, Macedonia. The workshop was hosted by the Automation and System Engineering Group of the FEEIT Skopje and included, amongst others, talks on iterative optimizing control, priced based coordination, modelling of systems-of-systems, vision based control of UAVs and mathematical modelling applied in medicine (see list below). The technical aspect was reinforced by a visit at the steel mill MakSteel, where the engineers and researchers engaged in discussions about the current challenges in optimization of steel sheet production. The workshop ended on a cheerful note, with a visit to the old Bazaar in Skopje and a tour of this charismatic Balkanic city.


R. Hashemi. "Optimizing Control and State Estimation of a Continuous Polymerization Reactor"

L. Maxeiner, S. Nazari. "Price-based Optimization of a Petrochemical Site and the DYMASOS Simulation Platform"

R. Paulen. "Design of Guaranteed Extended Kalman Filter"

V. Sazdovski. "Dense and Direct Approaches to Vision Aided Inertial Navigation"

T. Stankovski. "Coupling Functions: Universal Insights into Dynamical Interactions"

J. Stefanovski. "Robust Optimal H-infinity Control and Application"

A. Tatulea. "Implementation of Multi-Stage NMPC with the DO-MPC Software Platform"

S. Wenzel. "Iterative Optimizing Control: Handling Plant-Model Mismatch, Measurement Noise and Other Obastacles"



DYN at CAO 2015

CAO2015 photo 

Simon Wenzel attended the 16th IFAC Workshop on Control Applications of Optimization (CAO) 2015 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. He presented his research within the MOBOCON project in an oral presentation.

Wenzel, S., Gao, W., and Engell, S., "Handling Disturbances in Modifier Adaptation with Quadratic Approximation" , Oct. 7th, 2015, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany


DYN at NMPC 2015


Radoslav Paulen and Sankar Subramanian attended the 5th international conference on Nonlinear Model Predicitive Control (NMPC) in Sevilla, Spain from 17th to 20th September 2015. They both delivered an insight into their research and were presented with an oral presentation and with a poster.

S.A. Shahidi, R. Paulen, S. Engell „Two-layer Hierarchical Predictive Control via Negotiation of Active Constraints”

S. Subramanian, S. Lucia, S. Engell. „Adaptive Multi-Stage Output Feedback NMPC Using the Extended Kalman Filter for Time Varying Uncertainties Applied to a CSTR”


MOBOCON Symposium on Optimization and Control of Uncertain Systems

On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Process Dynamics and Operations Group, we will organize a symposium on


15.09.2015 – 16.09.2015

Harenberg City Center, Dortmund, Germany

Presentations will be given by internationally renowned researchers in the field, representatives of industry, and past and current researchers of the dyn group.

The symposium will start at 9.30 on Tuesday, Sept. 15 and end at around 16 hrs on Wednesday, Sept. 16. It will include a dinner with entertainment on the 18th floor of the HCC building with a magnificent view over Dortmund. For more information click here.

DYN at FOSBE 2015


Lukas Hebing and Sven Wegerhoff attended the 5th international conference  of system biology in Boston, U.S.A. from the 10th to 12th of August, 2015. Lukas Hebing and Sven Wegerhoff delivered an insight into their research and were represented each with a poster.

L. Hebing , T. Neymann (Bayer Technology Services GmbH, Leverkusen, Germany), T. Thüte (Bayer HealthCare AG, Wuppertal, Germany), A. Jockwer (Bayer HealthCare AG, Wuppertal, Germany) and S. Engell „An efficient modelling procedure for  the generation of bioprocess models with adaptable complexity”

S. Wegerhoff and S. Engell. „Simulation of the aerobic growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae during fed batch fermentation by dynamic flux balance analysis”


DYN researchers receive a poster award at Chinese Process Control Conference 2015

gao award ccc

Dr. Weihua Gao attended the Chinese Process Control Conference 2015 in Nanchang, China, held from 31th July to 3rd August 2015. He received a poster award for the presentation of the paper:

W. Gao, S. Wenzel, S. Engell "Integration of Gradient Adaptation and Quadratic Approximation in Real-Time Optimization"

gao ccc


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