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Chair of Process Dynamics and Operations


Hauptinhalt - Intranet

DYN at ECC 2015


Sebastian Engell, Sankaranarayanan Subramanian, Lukas Maxeiner and Weihua Gao participated at the 14th annual European Control Conference held in Linz, Austria from 15th to 17th July 2015 teil. Our chair was presented with following contributions:

Weihua Gao, Simon Wenzel, Sebastian Engell “Modifier Adaptation with Quadratic Approximation in Iterative Optimizing Control”

Goran Stojanovski, Lukas Maxeiner, Stefan Krämer, Sebastian Engell “Real-time Shared Resource Allocation by Price Coordination in an Integrated Petrochemical Site”

Sankaranarayanan Subramanian,  Sergio Lucia, Sebastian Engell “Handling Structural Plant-model Mismatch via Multi-stage Nonlinear Model Predictive Control

Ruben Marti, Sergio Lucia, Daniel Sarabia, Radoslav Paulen, Sebastian Engell, Cesar de Prada "An Efficient Distributed Algorithm for Multi-Stage Robust Nonlinear Predictive Control"


DYN at ROCOND 2015

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Radoslav Paulen und Sankaranarayanan Subramanian participated at the 8th IFAC Symposium on Robust Control Design held in Bratislava, Slovakia from 8th to 11th July 2015. Sankaranarayanan Subramanian presented the results of his research in the oral presentation:

S. Subramanian, S. Lucia, R. Paulen, S. Engell. "Robust Output Feedback NMPC with Guaranteed Constraint Satisfaction"


Summerschool besucht die Fa. Intravis GmbH

Visit at Intravis

19.06. - Im Rahmen der Summerschool fand eine Exkursion zur Firma Intravis GmbH in Aachen statt, an der auch Studierende der Fakultät BCI teilgenommen haben. Die Führung vor Ort leitete Dr. Martin Hüfner, ehemaliger Mitarbeiter des Lehrstuhls Systemdynamik und Prozessführung und nun Beschäftigter der Intravis GmbH. Die Mitarbeiter der Firma gaben detaillierte Einblicke in die Entwicklungsabteilung und Produktion von optischen Hochgeschwindigkeits-Qualitätserfassungssystemen für die Kunststoff-Verpackungsindustrie und rundeten den Besuch mit Gesprächen mit dem Geschäftsführer und der technischen Leitung ab. Besonders eindrucksvoll empfanden die Studierenden die Demonstration der Funktionsweise und die Bearbeitungsgeschwindigkeit der vorgeführten Systeme.




DYN at ACC 2015

acc sakthi

Process Dynamics and Operations Group was represented by Sakthi Thangavel at the American Control Conference (ACC 2015) which took place at the Hilton Palmer House from July 1, 2015 to July 3, 2015 in Chicago. The research results were presented at an oral presentation:

Sakthi Thangavel, Sergio Lucia, Radoslav Paulen, Sebastian Engell , "Towards Dual Robust Nonlinear Model Predictive Control: A Multi-stage Approach"


DYN at CONSENS project meeting

consens cagliari An EU-funded project under Horizon 2020 research,  CONSENS “Integrated Control and Sensing for Sustainable Operation of Flexible Intensified Processes” (www.consens-spire.eu) , coordinated by Manuel Pereira Remelhe, Bayer Technology Services GmbH, held a meeting in Cagliari on June 24, 2015. 25 European industrial and academic experts from the domains of process industries, sensor technologies, automation, and systems engineering met to discuss the state of the art and future developments in the intensified synthesis of continuous process. Professor Sebastian Engell and the researchers from DYN chair, Fabian Schweers, Sakthi Thangavel and Thilo Goerke attended the meeting.



PhD. examination of Christian Schoppmeyer

christian schoppmeyer promotion

Christian Schoppmeyer has successfuly defended his dissertation thesis on 30.07.2015. The topic of his thesis was Reactive Scheduling Using Timed Automata Models and Integration with Sequential Control Logic.


Photo: Christian Schoppmeyer nach der erfolgreichen mündlichen Prüfung mit seiner Prüfern Prof. Sadowski (l.), Prof. Vaandrager (2. f. l.), Prof. Schembecker (3. f. l.),  Prof. Wichmann (2. f. r.) und Prof. Engell (r.).


DYN at ADCHEM 2015

ADCHEM2015 news

Process Dynamics and Operations Group was represented by Reza Hashemi, Sankaranarayanan Subramanian, Simon Wenzel and Sergio Lucia at the International Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Processes (ADCHEM 2015) that took place on June 7-10, 2015 in Whistler, Canada. The following results of the research were presented.

Weihua Gao, Simon Wenzel, Sebastian Engell , "Comparison of Modifier Adaptation Schemes in Real-Time Optimization"
Reza Hashemi, Ricardo Schilling, Sebastian Engell, " Optimizing Control of a Tubular Polymerization Reactor: Comparison of Single Shooting and Full Discretization"
Sankaranarayanan Subramanian, Sergio Lucia, Sebastian Engell, " Economic Multi-stage Output Feedback NMPC using the Unscented Kalman Filter"
Sergio Lucia, Sebastian Engell, "Potential and Limitations of Multi-Stage Nonlinear Model Predictive Control"


Reza Hashemi and Sankaranarayanan Subramanian have also received the prizes for the best oral presentation in their sessions.

adchem reza adchem sankar


A New Platform for Robust Nonlinear MPC Available Online

logo v1

DO-MPC proposes a new, modularized implementation and testing support for optimal control schemes based on  MPC approaches. The goal of this software project is to offer a simple to use and efficient platform, that allows users to define and test their  problems very fast and trouble-free. In most cases, such implementations are highly complex and cumbersome, requiring considerable coding effort that only produces hardcoded solutions for each individual test case. With DO-MPC we propose a generalized approach based on simple templates  that can be edited for each individual problem. A robust and time efficient core module combines everything together automatically, such that the coding effort is reduced drastically. Taking advantage of state of the art third party software, DO-MPC  is able to handle a wide variety of problems, making even large systems real time feasible.

The DO-MPC software is Python based and works therefore on any OS with a Python 2.7 distribution. DO-MPC has been developed at the DYN chair by Sergio Lucia, Alexandru Tatulea and Sebastian Engell and it can be downloaded FREE here. Please check this page for further information and example code from the developers.


DYN at PSECAPE Forum 2015


Professor Sebastian Engell and the researchers from DYN chair, Marc Kalliski, Weihua Gao, Shaghayegh Nazari and Thilo Goerke, participated at the PSE 2015/ESCAPE 25 conference held between 31th May and 4th June 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The chair was presented with the presentations on following topics:
escape15 foto

 M. Kalliski, D. Krahé, B. Beisheim, S. Krämer, S. Engell. "Resource efficiency indicators for real-time monitoring and optimization of integrated chemical production plants"
G. Stojanovski, V. Rostampour, S. Krämer and S. Engell. “Price based coordination for shared resource allocation in an integrated petrochemical site”
S. Nazari, C. Sonntag, G. Stojanovski, S. Engell. “A Modelica-based Modeling and Simulation Framework for the Distributed Management of Large-scale Processing Systems”
W. Gao, S. Wenzel, S. Engell. “A reliable modifier adaptation strategy for real time optimization”
T. Goerke, S. Engell. "Analysis of the transfer of radical co-polymerization systems from semi-batch to continuous plants"
C. Schoppmeyer, C. Sonntag, S. Gajjala, S. Engell. "Optimal Management of Shuttle Robots in a Laboratory Automation System of a Cement Plant"
H. Hadera, P. Wide, I. Harjunkoski, J. Mäntysaari, J. Ekström, G. Sand, S. Engell. "A Mean Value Cross Decomposition Strategy for Demand-side Management of a Pulping Process"
R. Hashemi, R. Schilling, S. Engell. "Comparison of two different implementations of optimizing control for a continuous polymerization process in a tubular reactor with side injections"
T. Siwczyk, S. Engell. "Solution of two-stage stochastic scheduling problems by stage decomposition and ordinal optimization"
M. Jelemenský, A. Sharma, R. Paulen, M. Fikar. "Time-optimal Operation of Diafiltration Processes in the Presence of Fouling"


DYN at Campuslauf 2015

dyn cam lauf2015 The members of our chair took part at the 31st Campuslauf 2015 organized traditionally at TU Dortmund. They competed in the category "Best dressed team" with an impersonation of Minions characters. We are proud of the team and grateful to them for the representation of our chair.


DYN at CAPE Forum 2015

cape forum

The research assistant Jochen Steimel participated at the CAPE Forum 2015 held between 27th and 29th of April in Paderborn and presented his work in the oral presentation “FSOpt - A tool for generating and optimizing models in early-phase process synthesis under uncertainty“. CAPE FORUM belongs to a series of conferences organized under the auspices of the Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) Working Party of the European Federation of Chemical Engineers (EFCE). The conference has a particular format allowing an exchange of cutting edge concepts between young and established researchers. Among others, ideas and methods toward intensification of process engineering will be the focus of CAPE FORUM 2015, covering new technologies, increasing importance of renewable resources and energy efficiency.


DYN at HPSC 2015

IMG 6094s

Process Dynamics and Operations Group was represented by Professor Sebastian Engell, Radoslav Paulen and Sankaranarayanan Subramanian at the 6th International Conference on High Performance Scientific Computing that took place on March 16-20, 2015 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Professor Engell organized a minisymposium at the event entitled "Robust Model Predictive Control".

Radoslav Paulen and Sankaranarayanan Subramanian presented the results of their research with the presentations:

R. Paulen, S. Engell. "Design of Guaranteed Extended Kalman Filter Using Set Inversion Techniques"

S. Subramanian, S. Lucia, S. Engell. "Economic Multi-stage Output Feedback Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Based on the Innovations Sampling Using Unscented Kalman Filter"




Shaghayegh Nazari, research associate of the chair, participated at the 8th Vienna International Conference on Mathematical Modelling (MATHMOD 2015) in Vienna from 18th to 20th February. The chair was represented by an oral presentation “A Modelica-based Modeling and Simulation Framework for Large-scale Cyber-physical Systems of Systems” (S. Nazari, C. Sonntag, S. Engell).


DYN at CDC 2014

Sergio Lucia, research associate of the chair, participated at the 53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control held in Los Angeles (USA) from 15th to 17th of December. The chair was represented by an oral presentation “Multi-stage Nonlinear Model Predictive Control with Verified Robust Constraint Satisfaction” (S. Lucia, R. Paulen, S. Engell).


DYN Doctors of 2014

Year 2014 was very fertile for new doctors graduating at the Chair of Process Dynamics and Operations. Our colleagues, Gaurang Shah, Ehsan Nabati, Martin Hüfner, Stephan Fisher, and Sergio Lucia successfully defended their PhD theses. The members of the chair would like to congratulate them, express their gratitude for their work and friendship, and wish them many successes in their future career steps.


promo gaurang shah

Gaurang Shah: „Bridging Model Predictive Control and Robust Linear Control Theory”

Thesis supervisor: Prof. Sebastian Engell

Thesis reviewer: Prof. Miroslav Fikar (Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava)

promo ehsan nabati

Ehsan Gohlamzadeh-Nabati: „Data-driven Adaptive Robust Control Based Upon Unfalsified Control”

Thesis supervisor: Prof. Sebastian Engell

Thesis reviewer: Prof. Olaf Stursberg (University of Kassel)

promo martin huffner

Martin Hüfner: „A model-driven Methodology for Tool Supported Design of Automated Systems“

Thesis supervisor: Prof. Sebastian Engell

Thesis reviewer: Prof. Alexander Fay (Helmut Schmidt University)

promo stephan fischer

 Stephan Fischer: „Entwurf und Verifikation von Ablaufsteuerungen“

Thesis supervisor: Prof. Sebastian Engell

Thesis reviewer: Prof. Ulrich Epple (RWTH Aachen)


promo sergio lucia

Sergio Lucia: „Robust Multi-stage Nonlinear Model Predictive Control“

Thesis supervisor: Prof. Sebastian Engell

Thesis reviewer: Prof. Lorenz T. Biegler (Carnegie Mellon University)


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